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Welcome to Curly Creek Furniture!

  As a boy growing up on a dairy farm in central Wisconsin, Leon's passion was not farming and tractors. Rather when he disappeared he could normally be found in the shop tinkering with something wood!

  In 2002 he began handcrafting log furniture and his dream to have a furniture shop had begun! The demand for quality handcrafted log furniture has steadily grown over the years and we as a family enjoy what was begun as a dream all those years ago.

  We, at Curly Creek Furniture are a family owned business, committed to providing high quality products that will last a life-time. Each piece of furniture is individually hand- crafted by one of our skilled craftsman from start to finish. Careful attention to detail is given to each step of the process to create a unique product that will be cherished for a lifetime. We welcome custom designs and sizes in any product.

Our mission/goal as a husband/wife team is...

-To be servants in the Kingdom Of God

-To share with others the message of Salvation

-To raise our family to bring honor to God

-To teach our children the value of work

-To provide for the needs of our family as well as being able to help others in need

-To provide employment in a Christian environment

Thank you for your interest

and God bless your Day!

Leon & Carolyn

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